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(11/16/08) #18 - ZOMBIE WORLD

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:40 pm    Post subject: (11/16/08) #18 - ZOMBIE WORLD Reply with quote



TEXT: "All monsters on the field and in any Graveyard become Zombie-Type monsters. Neither player can Tribute Summon monsters, except Zombie–Type monsters."



The much anticipated Zombie World Field Spell card. In it's class, it's one of the best out there. But, it still has it's drawbacks due to the simple fact that there are common "down sides" to running Field Spell cards in general. If you are going to run them, it is typically done in 3's, and that can amount to:
*Possible dead draws
*Not being able to draw into a single copy of the Field Spell, even though you have 3 decked
*Not having the proper cards to work with your Field Spell, in your hand
*Not drawing into the proper cards to work with your Field Spell
*Possibly having them all nuked prematurely, leaving your deck without an edge

To me, the risk factor alone knocks any Field Spell card down a notch.

Looking at this cards effects...

Zombie Worlds "only Zombies can be tribute summoned" is an all-around great effect that could mess up most opponents...unless of course they are running Zombies too. The effect that makes all monsters on the field, and in both Graveyards Zombie monsters...well, the first part of that is no price. No real benefit to having your opponents monsters on the field as Zombie-Types (at least that is worth mentioning). The second part of that effect, at present, can only be utilized by a handful of monsters. Il Blud, Paladin of the Cursed Dragon, Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon, Zombie Master...not many.

So...if we get more monsters that can really work well with this cards effects, then I think you'll see some real potential. But, until then, I say just stick with a regular Zombie deck. Sure, it could all come together and work. But, overall, I think the odds are against it.

Zombie Deck with Zombie Worlds - 5/10

Zombie Side Deck Choice - 6/10 (Could prove useful against tribute heavy decks)

Art - 3/10 (Skeleton World?)



Today we have the Zombie Field card Zombie World. I am a huge fan of Zombie Decks. I have ran them during many formats competitively ever since the Zombie Structure came out. It basically stops tribute summons that are not Zombies, which says no to the Monarchs. All monsters on the field become Zombies, which means if your playing against a theme deck it will not be able to use its support. You can abuse Red Eyes Zombie Dragon, and Palidin of The Cursed Dragon, which makes Zombie's swarm even faster. All the stuff in the grave becomes Zombie's too so you can revive anything you want, even in your opponents graveyard. There is some problem with this card in my opinion though, the cards Red Eyes Zombie Dragon, and Palidin of The Cursed Dragon are too dependant on this. Your opponent can just blow up Zombie World and they will be just like Normal Monsters unless your playing against a Zombie Mirror Match. This format is not tribute summon dominated, it is a special summon Synchro format, that means the tribute summon effect is not that big of a deal unless your playing a Monarch deck, which puts the card better off in the side deck. The next problem with this card is most of the time you want to revive your big Zombies, or your Floaters like Goblin Zombie, and Pyramid Turtle, so you can swap your floaters, so you can beat down your opponent, and retain card presence instead of reviving other things that will not aid that goal. The last bad thing about Zombie World is that it is a terrible top deck and it can get clogged in the hand. Zombie's are pretty consistent, really fast, can change the tide of the game very easily, have excellent opening plays, great deck thinning, late game power, and can get card advantage fast with Card Of Safe Return. This card hinders some of those qualities. I think this card is good, yet overhyped, it is not the right format for it, and it is probably better off in the side deck against Monarch decks for now.

Zombie World based deck: 9/10 It is basically a part of the backbone.

Pure Zombie Swarm: 7.5/10

Zombie Synchro: 6-7/10 It depends on what your running, the Giant Rat Version or The Plaguespreader Version. The Plaguespreader version is lower since it practically uses like 90% Zombies so there is less abuse involved, and it can kill so quickly it really won't shine as much as you would think.

Any Zombie Deck in the side deck: 10/10 It really helps against Monarch's, Theme Decks, and other Graveyard reliant decks.

Art Work: 6/10 it really doesn't look that good in my opinion. It looks like a swamp with some skulls laying around and thats it.
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