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PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 2:06 am Post subject: CASUAL FORMAT: skittles Reply with quote

another format that's really fun to build

card pool: vintage
# of players: 2
banned/restricted adjustments: all cards that are restricted are banned. all cards that have ever been printed as a rare are banned.
deck construction: players build a 60 card deck that contains all 5 colors and artifacts. an even amount of each must be represented. multi-color cards count as 1 card but a fraction of each color it contains (for example: lightning helix is half red and half white; supply//demand is one third white, one third blue and one third green). singleton (no more than one copy of any card aside from basic lands). when sideboarding you must always have a deck that's skittles-legal (ie, i board out mortify, putrefy, and armadillo cloak. i can board in 1 white card, 1 black card, and 1 green card.) tip: a popular number to use is 6.

here's an example of a deck i built a while ago:

coalition honor guard
ruham djinn
faith's fetters
swords to plowshares
blind hunter (1/2)
armadillo cloak (1/2)
lightning helix (1/2)
mortify (1/2)

ninja of the deep hours
psychatog (1/2)
moroii (1/2)
spite//malice (1/2)
electrolyze (1/2)

phyrexian gargantua
stinkweed imp
zombie infestation
psychatog (1/2)
moroii (1/2)
putrefy (1/2)
spite//malice (1/2)
blind hunter (1/2)

imperial recruiter
keldon champion
keldon vandals
electrolyze (1/2)
lightning helix (1/2)

dryad sophisticate
phantom centaur
moldervine cloak
kodama's reach
armadillo cloak (1/2)
putrefy (1/2)

etched oracle
vulshok morningstar
grafted wargear
crystal shard
dragon mask

there's a bunch of nonbasic lands too but that's not important. even though cards are listed more than once there's only 1 copy of each (i wrote them twice to demonstrate how they're counted). there's lots of different ways to explore this format so go nuts.
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